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The final Monday

I drew, among other things, three pubs today. It was interesting to look at my work on Mills bar, from about 8am, in comparison to the late afternoon’s work on the Alexandra. The work on the former is fairly crisp, has some liveliness to it- the little people seen from above feel animated and well … Continue reading

The final push

There are many aspects of adulthood our parents and teachers fail to prepare us for, but one I’ve been thinking of¬† a lot right now – and early this morning, as I walked to the gallery¬† – is how no-one ever warns you that adult life will consist of numerous moments where longing and dread … Continue reading

I have not always relied on the kindness of strangers…

Yes, that’s right: we have reached the ‘Blanche Dubois’ stage of the Draw Duke Street proceedings where I develop a heightened fear of harsh lighting and plummet headlong into disastrous encounters with brutish Polish-Americans… Well, not really, but today’s title reflects an unexpected, bizarre but rather lovely intervention by the member of the public on … Continue reading

Back-breaking toil.

What is it about the metaphors this week? Scrub that. What is it about the CLICHED metaphors this week? Momentum. Tipping Points, and now back breaking – or should I say, breaking the back of, that colours today’s lecture. I wonder if it’s self-directed PR; that is, PR I am directing at myself, to convince … Continue reading